Whether you’ve been researching finding the “right therapist” for some time, or just stumbled upon my site, I’m glad you’re here!


How long did you go back and forth wondering, do I, or we, REALLY need therapy?  That’s a great question, and the way I help you figure that out is by asking a very simple question: “WHY NOW?”  Those two words truly help you figure out what it was that prompted you to seek therapy.  


So what does the right therapist really mean?  The simple answer is to ask yourself, “Will I feel safe enough with this individual to be honest, open, and even allow myself to be vulnerable?” There’s no secret formula.  It’s an inner feeling and sometimes, trial and error until someone resonates with you. Before you take this leap of faith, consider what you want to achieve through therapy for you, with your partner, or for the teen in your life.


As you wander through this site,  you will read more about my approach to individual, couples, and teen therapy.  You may read my bio, look at pictures, or want to know more about services that I offer.  Above all, my goal is to create a trusting relationship to give you the courage to dig into things you’ve experienced in your past, your hope for the future, and explore what is happening in your life right now.


I understand that this is a huge undertaking. That’s why I offer a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation so I can listen to your needs and address any questions and fears that you may have. If we find that it just doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, I will help you figure out who might be more your style and guide you in that direction. 


Take a deep breath, relax, and trust yourself that you will begin to read words or see images that click with you.  That’s the beginning of finding YOUR  therapist.  So let’s start this journey… 

"My goal is to create a trusting relationship,  to give you the courage to dig into things

you’ve experienced in your past, your hope for the future, and above all, what is happening in your life right now."



“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” 

Betsy is a therapist with the San Diego-based psychotherapy group, WAVE Therapy. 

She practices at their Irvine location. 

Wave Therapy takes pride in opening our New Office in Irvine, CA.  Wave Therapy was established in 2014 by Mark Brewer, MFT, LPCC, in Carlsbad, CA.  As an established Marriage and Family Therapist in Private Practice, Mark had a vision that by uniting some of the finest therapists, together we would be able to offer our clients the highest level of compassion, support, and wisdom for self-growth and improvement, as well as to enhance relationships in their lives.  It has always been Mark’s vision to grow the practice and when the time was right, expand into new locations.


Betsy Fitzpatrick, LMFT, has been with Wave Therapy since its beginning and will head the new Irvine Wave Team.  “Our professional team of therapists has extensive experience in a wide variety of therapeutic techniques.  Being part of this team allows me to offer my clients the highest level of care and support.”